DNA Dating — The Science of Love

Lynette Magdalena Lott
3 min readMar 19, 2021

DNA Dating is a new revolutionary genetic breakthrough in matching true love. It is a forecast of inherited attraction where the compatibility between people becomes the prediction between their DNA.

The Science of true “LOVE” was surreal until the newly released series on NETFLIX, “The One,” evolved my horizon into a brighter perspective. It triggered my curiosity to explore the World Wide Web with companies providing such service.

Let me admit that it genuinely made me question “the essence” of love.

Yes, after searching “DNA Dating” on Google, it did list a few DNA Dating Websites like genepartner.com, where love is no coincidence by analyzing people’s DNA.

Scientific matchmaking is a sequence of DNA found in animals and animal remains; the oldest documented is a mammoth from over a million years old. Experts explored the human genes for similar patterns and had a breakthrough.

Nevertheless, it got me to speculate if “LOVE” truthfully needs scientific proof to be valid.

While watching “The One” on NETFLIX, plenty of questions crossed my mind that I had to call my favorite person to discuss this mind-blowing experience.

One of my questions; would you leave your person for a scientific match to be with your “TRUE LOVE”?

Let me be honest and tell you that we have no answer to that question. Throughout the entire first season, I discovered that DNA could match you with that one person but with many sacrifices.

Here are a few questionable examples between “DNA LOVE” and a loyal, “COMMITTED DECISION.”

My perception throughout all the episodes enlightened that a scientific match will either bring you happiness or a sacrifice. Many fear rejection of love. Therefore, DNA Dating adds more irritation to their impulsive, emotional reactions. Now think about it. Science proves that only one person exists for each one of us. The insecurities many carry within themselves transfer into irritational mind games projected into intense, impulsive reactions. Precisely these reactions would challenge oneself if life-decisions and principles living by were ever with all the right reasons. It indeed makes question love within the mentality of humanity. More disturbing is the fact that there can be more than one ideal match. Now, this increases the threat much fear. The emotional suffering grows so that many would make extremely rational decisions to keep the threat of a “MATCHING SOULMATE” distant from their friendship, relationship, or marriage.

Nevertheless, my belief in love goes beyond scientific proof. While we evolve individually, our DNA molecules adopt the decisions and transform into a phenomenal mutation of our new perception. When we mature and value what we believe in, our future decisions will always be within the purest intentions. We might question our life-decisions, we might be irritated. Still, DNA Matching is a possibility and not a guarantee of perfect love. We all grow, evolve, and therefore mature with different life-experiences, life-phases, life-lessons, or other essentials influencing our decisions or behavior. We learn lessons or repeat them, but they define us individually what we will value and live by as a life-principle.

Therefore, my advice would be to use DNA Dating as an optional tool to become successful in finding your soulmate. The actual question should always be; is it worth the sacrifice of losing the current efforts within my friendship, relationship, or marriage?

If we have to question what we already have, then we should not be in it!”

With Love and Light
Lynette Magdalena Lott